Financial market of Ukraine


In modern conditions of development of Ukrainian economy there is a need in the development and mastery of effective approaches to the mechanism of realization of functions of the state and individual actors in the system of market relations. Students with the knowledge of the material for the course "Financial Markets" will enable them to understand the complex economic world, the ability to bind to develop a theory of social and economic processes and phenomena, both in the domestic business practices, and international.

Professionally oriented discipline includes the study of specific areas of economic reality - of the market. The subject of discipline is the mechanism of the functioning of financial markets, acts as an economic space where relationships are formed of purchase and sale of financial instruments.

This section contains eleven that allows us to study the financial market as part of the financial relations, define the market in the financial system, to reveal the relationship between investment and savings through the financial flows, justify the need for the functioning of financial instruments as a means of interaction between market participants, to determine the need for state regulation of the processes occurring in the financial market of Ukraine.

In recent years Ukraine has been actively developing the legislative process, including the regulation of financial activities, including the regulation of relations in the financial market and financial services. Given this, an important aspect of financial development categories is to introduce the legislative framework governing the respective relations in Ukraine, and contemporary conceptual apparatus in connection statutory and regulatory definitions.

Dynamic development of the Ukrainian and foreign financial markets, many changes in the basic principles of legal regulation of financial markets require regular review of curriculum and instructional materials for teaching discipline.

Thus, the resource, taking into account the latest international market trends and innovations of domestic legislation as well as to meet the modern requirements of the educational process in higher educational institutions on credit-modular system is a relevant and timely.

When writing the material used in the authors' personal experience of teaching the course "Financial Markets" and meaningful and logically related financial, economic and legal disciplines, as well as experience in research activities in this area.

The authors hope that the materials will be useful resource for students to better master the economic and financial subjects and teachers of higher and specialized secondary educational institutions to further improve teaching practice, as well as graduate students, all professionals who are interested in domestic and international financial market to raise the professional level.